Metro Nashville Davidson County Calls For Police Service (2014) | Last Updated 30 Apr 2018

This dataset provides details about the calls for service received by Nashville’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC) at 911 and 615-862-8600, emergency and non-emergency numbers, for the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD).

Tags: calls for service, cfs, police, safety, nashville, davidson county, metro nashville government, tennessee

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Event Numberevent_numbertextECC CAD system assigned ID number that is automatically generated based on the date, time and order of a call.
Call Receivedcall_receivedcalendar_dateDate and time the CFS was answered by the ECC operator.
Complaint NumbercomplaintnumberMNPD incident number for the CFS, if incident report is generated for the call. Not all calls generate incident reports.
ShiftshifttextShift the CFS occurred. There are 3 shifts: A (Day), B (Evening), & C (Night).
TencodetencodenumberTencodes are abbreviated codes or shorthand to increase efficiency in communication. Each call has one tencode, which may change over the course of the call duration as more information is available. Data not releasable by state law has been excluded; those records do not appear in the data. See metadata document for list of tencodes.
Tencode DescriptiondescriptiontextText description of the tencode to describe the CFS.
Tencode Suffixtencode_suffixtextTencode suffixes provide additional information about the call. Tencode suffixes are not used for every call. See metadata document for list of tencode suffixes.
Tencode Suffix Descriptiontencode_suffixf_descriptiontextText descriptions of the tencode suffix to describe the CFS.
Disposition Codedisposition_codenumberDisposition Codes describe the outcome of the call. See metadata document for list of disposition codes.
Disposition Descriptiondisposition_descriptiontextText description of the outcome of the CFS.
BlockblocknumberBlock number rounded to the nearest 100 block address for the CFS.
Street Namestreet_nametextStreet name for the CFS.
Unit Dispatchedunit_dispatchedtextCall sign of the officer responding to the CFS.
SectorsectortextAssigned precinct for the CFS.
ZonezonenumberMNPD Zone, or patrol area, in which the CFS occurred.
Reporting Area (RPA)rpanumberMNPD reporting zone for the CFS.
LatitudelatitudenumberRounded latitude for the CFS.
LongitudelongitudenumberRounded longitude for the CFS.
Mapped Locationmapped_locationlocationCombined location information used to create maps on