AmeriCorps Members Demographic | Last Updated 3 Oct 2018

The data is prepared using AmeriCorps members who began service on any day in fiscal year (FY) 2017. The members may have served 1 to 365 days during their term. Members who are in never served, disqualified, pre-service, or deferred statuses were excluded from this analysis. AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC race and ethnicity data come from the member application to serve. The code to extract the data between the two programs is the same. The ASN race and ethnicity data comes from the enrollment form. The enrollment form may exist multiple times if the member enrolled in more than one term. It is not uncommon for each enrollment form to have conflicting information about the member’s race and ethnicity. The member may have enrollment form data for terms served outside of the timeframe of the dataset. For example, if we are reporting on members who began service in FY17, then a member who also served in FY16 may have race and ethnicity information in the FY16 enrollment form and no race or ethnicity information or conflicting information in the FY17 enrollment form. In the case of conflicting information, this analysis assumes each instance of race designation is correct. If a member reports themselves as “Asian or Asian American” in one enrollment form and “White” in another enrollment form, then the analysis categorizes this person as someone who identifies with multiple race selections vs. one or the other. In the case of ethnicity, if a member indicates that they are not Hispanic or Latino/a in one form, but that they are in another, this analysis assumes the affirmative—and they will be categorized as Hispanic or Latino/a. Lastly, the totals include the total results from the query plus the difference between the query and the raw count of members who started service in that fiscal year. The members who did not have a record in the invite table and enrollment table were added to the non-response category. Senior Corps Figures come from the Annual Progress Report Supplement as of April 11, 2018. Percentages are calculated from totals of the subcategories, excluding the non-response categories.

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