Immunization Status for New Jersey Schools by County | Last Updated 7 Mar 2019

Data from Annual Immunization Status Reports completed by each individual school in New Jersey. Data is grouped by county.

Tags: immunization, vaccination, vaccine, schools, pre-k, kindergarten, grade 6, school

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
School Yearschool_yeartextSchool year of the data
Vaccination Statusvaccination_statustextStatus of vaccination. Valid values: Immunized, Provisional, Medical Exemption, Religious Exemption, Unknown Status.
County of Schoolscounty_of_schoolstextThe county in which the schools are located.
Number of Childrennumber_of_childrennumberNumber of children that have the vaccination status.
Number of Children Enrollednumber_of_children_enrollednumberNumber of children that have are enrolled in the schools in the county.
PercentpercentnumberPercent of student enrolled in the county with that vaccination status.
95% CI LL_95_ci_llnumberLower 95% Confidence Limit.
95% CI UL_95_ci_ulnumberUpper 95% Confidence Limit.