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First, a caveat: the NFIP data does NOT provide information specific to individual homes or parcels. This information is protected under federal law. All personal identifying information about policy holders has been redacted, and data has been anonymized to census tract, reported ZIP code, and one decimal point digit of latitute and longitude. If mapped, flood insurance policies and claims may appear to be clustered at a particular location due to this anonymization. What all that means: you cannot search for an address to see whether it has flooded. However, among many things, this data shows flooding trends in Norfolk over the last 40+ years. It shows the census tracts that flood most frequently. And it shows where the largest number and highest value of claims occur. FEMA believes this historic release of NFIP data promotes transparency, reduces complexity related to public data requests, and improves how stakeholders interact with and understand the program. This is the largest, most comprehensive release of NFIP data coordinated by FEMA to date. This dataset allows for customizable searches to create reports, analyze and visualize present and historical NFIP data faster and easier than before. This data will help FEMA build a national culture of preparedness by providing claims and policy information people need to make better choices about their flood risk and the insurance they need to protect the life they've built. Norfolk's Open Data team extracted city-specific information from the FEMA dataset. The dataset included here represents almost 6,000 claims on record from 1977 through 2019, totaling 67 million dollars in damage in the City of Norfolk.

Tags: claim, year, census tract, occupancy type

This dataset has the following 39 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Agriculture Structure Indicatoragriculture_structurecheckbox
As Of Dateas_of_datetext
Base Flood Elevationbase_flood_elevationnumber
Basement Enclosure Crawl Space Typebasement_enclosure_crawlnumber
BECS Definitionsbecs_definitionstext
Condominium Indicatorcondominium_indicatortext
CI Definitionsci_definitionstext
Policy Countpolicy_countnumber
Community Rating Systems Discountcommunity_rating_systemsnumber
Date Of Lossdate_of_losstext
Elevated Building Indicatorelevated_building_indicatorcheckbox
Elevation Certificate Indicatorelevation_certificatenumber
Elevation Differenceelevation_differencenumber
Census Tractcensus_tractnumber
Flood Zoneflood_zonetext
House Worshiphouse_worshipcheckbox
Location Of Contentslocation_of_contentstext
Lowest Adjacent Gradelowest_adjacent_gradenumber
Lowest Floor Elevationlowest_floor_elevationnumber
Number Of Floors In The Insured Buildingnumber_of_floors_in_thenumber
Number of Floors in the Insured Buildings Definitionsnumber_of_floors_in_the_1text
Non-Profit Indicatornon_profit_indicatorcheckbox
Obstruction Typeobstruction_typenumber
Occupancy Typeoccupancy_typenumber
Occupancy Type Definitionoccupancy_type_definitiontext
Original Construction Dateoriginal_construction_datetext
Original Nb Dateoriginal_nb_datetext
Amount Paid On Building Claimamount_paid_on_building_claimnumber
Amount Paid On Contents Claimamount_paid_on_contents_claimnumber
Amount Paid On Increased Cost Of Compliance Claimamount_paid_on_increasednumber
Post Firm Construction Indicatorpost_firm_constructioncheckbox
Rate Methodrate_methodnumber
RM Definitionsrm_definitionstext
Small Business Indicator Buildingsmall_business_indicatorcheckbox
Total Building Insurance Coveragetotal_building_insurancenumber
Total Contents Insurance Coveragetotal_contents_insurancenumber
Year Of Lossyear_of_losscalendar_date
Reported Zip Codereported_zip_codetext
Primary Residenceprimary_residencecheckbox