Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Monthly Ridership Chart: Beginning 2008 | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

This information comes from the MTA’s Performance Dashboard and is used to increase transparency at the MTA. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to track performance is areas such as On Time Performance.

Tags: performance indicator, year-to-date target, year-to-date actual

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Indicator Sequenceindicator_sequencenumberA unique identifying sequence number associated with a KPI.
Parent Sequenceparent_sequencenumberThis indicates that the KPI is a Sun-Indicator and contains the indicator sequence value of the Parent KPI.
Agency Nameagency_nametextThis identifies the agency asscoiated with the KPI. Bridges and Tunnels, Long Island Rail Road, MTA Bus, Metro-North Railroad, NYC Transit
Indicator Nameindicator_nametextThis a short name of the KPI
DescriptiondescriptiontextThis is a full description of the KPI
CategorycategorytextKPIs can fall under the following three categories: Safety Indicators, Service Indicators and Financial Indicators.
FrequencyfrequencytextThis field indicates how often data for a given indicator is reported: A=Annual M=Monthly Q=Quarterly S=Semi-Annual
Desired Changedesired_changetextThe direction of a performance trend that is considered positive or “good news.” Up or Down trends can be considered "good news" depending on the KPI. D=Down N=Neutral U=Up
Indicator Unitindicator_unittextA measure of the progress toward achieving a Business Unit’s goal. Each indicator will have a description and associated values which may be a number, percent, dollar, or amount or time. ($)=Dollars (%)=Percentage (-)=Number
Decimal Placesdecimal_placesnumberThe number of decimal places that should be printed or shown for the indicator value (to the right of the decimal point). E.g. (2)=two decimial places
Period Yearperiod_yearnumberThis is the year of the reported KPI value
Period Monthperiod_monthnumberThis is the month of the reported KPI value
YTD Targetytd_targetnumberThis is the expected YTD target value for each month.
YTD Actualytd_actualnumberThis is the expected YTD actual value for each month.
Monthly Targetmonthly_targetnumberThis is the expected MONTHLY target value for each month.
Monthly Actualmonthly_actualnumberThis is the expected MONTHLY actual value for each month.
PeriodperiodtextPeriod year and month