Youth Admission and Discharge Demographics: Beginning 2003 | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

This dataset provides county-level demographic data (sex, adjudication, age, race/ethnicity, and service setting) for youth admitted to and discharged from the care and custody of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) each year. Data are counted using a youth’s first admission or discharge in a calendar year. Admissions data are aggregate based on the responsible (court) county. Discharges data are aggregate based on the county of residence.

Tags: juvenile justice, djjoy, admissions, discharges

This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberCalendar year of transaction
CountycountytextResponsible (court) county of admitted youth or home county of discharged youth
TransactiontransactiontextThis has the following categories: 1. Admission: Unique youth (individual) was admitted to OCFS custody; only a youth’s FIRST admission per calendar year is counted; 2. Discharge: Unique youth (individual) was discharged from OCFS custody; only a youth’s FIRST discharge per calendar year is counted.
GroupgrouptextThis gives aggregated demographics by gender, adjudication, age, and service setting, at the time of the specified transaction type: 1. Total Youth: Total youth count; 2. Male: Youth gender is male; 3. Female: Youth gender is female; 4. Juvenile Offender: Youth convicted as a JO; 5. Juvenile Delinquent: Youth adjudicated as a JD; 6. Age Under 15: Youth age is under 15; 7. Age 15: Youth age is 15; 8. Age Over 15: Youth age is over 15; 9. Black: Youth race/ethnicity is Black; 10. White: Youth race/ethnicity is white; 11. Hispanic: Youth race/ethnicity is Hispanic; 12. Other: Youth race/ethnicity is Other/Unknown; 13. Secure: Youth service setting is a (residential) Secure facility; 14. Limited Secure: : Youth service setting is a (residential) Limited Secure facility; 15. Non-Secure Center: : Youth service setting is a (residential) Non-Secure Center; 16. Non-Secure Home: : Youth service setting is a(residential) Non-Secure Group Home; 17. Voluntary Agency: : Youth service setting is a (residential) privately-run Voluntary Agency; 18. Foster Care: Youth service setting is a (non-residential) Community program while youth resides in a family-based Foster Care home; always 0 for Admissions; 19. Community: Youth service setting is (non-residential) Community-based.
NumbernumbernumberCount of youth in transaction category for each group