New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB) Comprehensive Service Contractors | Last Updated 10 Jun 2019

This provides information on the location, contact persons, services provided and capacity of New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB) Comprehensive Service Contractors.

Tags: blind, visually handicapped, employment

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Agency Nameagency_nametextBusiness name of the agency providing the service(s)
AddressaddresstextBusiness address of the agency providing the service.
CitycitytextBusiness city of the agency providing the service.
StatestatetextBusiness state of the agency providing the service
Zip Codezip_codetextBusiness zip of the agency providing the service
Phone Numberphone_numbertextBusiness contact phone number of the agency providing the service
FaxfaxtextAgecny fax number; n/a indicates none available.
Region Coveredregion_coveredtext1 Western NY 3 Syracuse 4 Albany 5 White Plains 6 NYC Manhattan 7 Hampstead 8 Harlem Details provided in the overview document
Assisted Living Program 1assisted_living_program_1textProvides assistive Living Program assessments, eligibility recommendations, and service plan development
Assisted Living Program 2assisted_living_program_2textProvides assistive Living Services - rehabilitation services provided to an older individual to assist him/her to achieve a greater level of safety and confidence in the living environment.
Assisted Living Program 2Eassisted_living_program_2etextProvides enhanced Assistive Living Services - rehabilitation services provided to an older individual who requires services in excess of the typical ALP-2 program in order to achieve his/her goals.
Assisted Living Program 3assisted_living_program_3textProvides services to individuals who are primarily responsibility for managing the home. Rehabilitation services provided to an older individual who has significant needs AND primary responsibility for managing the home
Vision Rehabilitationvision_rehabtextProvides visual rehabilitation therapy training in manual dexterity, communications, home management, personal management use of adaptive devices
Orientation Mobilityorientation_mobilitytextProvides orientation and mobility training in safe travel techniques
Social Casework Level 1social_casework_level_1textProvides social case work at level 1
Social Casework Level 2social_casework_level_2textProvides social work case work level 2 on therapeutic interventions
Pre Vocational Young Adultspre_vocationa_young_adultstextProvides pre vocational skills training for youth adults
Diagnostic Vocational Evaluationdiagnostic_vocational_evaluationtextProvides comprehensive testing to assist in the determination of eligibility or development of a vocational goal to clarify issues which may be impeding vocational rehabilitation services
Academic Instructionacademic_instructiontextProvides academic instructions to improve academic achievement levels
Vocational Skillsvocational_skillstextProvides vocational skills training o experiential learning for service, clerical, industrial, or technology related occupations
Work Readinesswork_readinesstextProvides work readiness training to create positive work-related behaviors
Work Experiencework_experiencetextProvides work experience training to understand the work environment
Comprehensive Service Contractcomprehensive_service_contracttextHas a comprehensive services contract with core services (vision rehabilitation therapy, orientation and mobility, and social casework)
Job Placement Service/DVE Contractjob_placement_service_dve_contracttextHas a job placement service or diagnostic vocational evaluation (DVE) contract