Teacher Experience

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The measurement is percent of teachers who were paid on salary steps 1-5 at OUSD schools (data from charters and private schools were not available). Salary steps are a proxy for teaching experience, as teachers move one step up the salary schedule for each year of teaching. In theory, teachers on salary steps 1-5 have between 1-5 years of teaching experience (not just in OUSD, but anywhere). However, it is important to note that salary steps are just a proxy and not always exactly equal to years of teaching experience. Percents are then calculated at the school level by dividing the number of teachers on salary steps 1-5 by the total number of teachers at that school. Schools are placed into groups based on the racial and ethnic breakdown of their student population (see note below data table for full explanation of grouping). Average percent of teachers on salary steps 1-5 is then calculated for each group of schools.

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This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
School Groupschool_grouptext
Count of Schools in Groupcount_of_schools_in_groupnumber
Average Percent Teachers Salary Steps 1-5average_percent_teachersnumber
School Yearschool_yeartext