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Last Ten Fiscal Years (1) FY 2009 figures are based on actual and estimates; FY2011 figures are based on departmental reports. (2) FY 2010 figures are based on estimates. Data are performance metrics narrowed down to the City's core functions, namely, Public Safety, Community Environment, Transportation, Culture, Education and Recreation, Socio-Economic Development and Support Services. (3) Beginning in FY 2005, this category was broken into: "Consumer Protection-cases reviewed" and "Consumer Protection-consumer complaints". (4) The 3-1-1 Call Center Operations, which provides assistance on routine and non-emergency City services, began operations in November 2002. (5) The revenue enhancement unit investigations data include the number of tax discovery cases resulting from the implementation of the new LATAX program. (6) The Citywide system of neighborhood councils was adopted on May 25, 2001. No data available for FY 2008, 2009 and 2010. (7) This category was formerly "Animals Rescued". (8) The City offers free graffiti removal services through its Operation Clean Sweep Program. (9) In FY 2006, the Dept of Transportation changed "Signs Replaced" to "Signs Maintained/Replaced" for better description of reporting. (10) Figures were updated and restated in miles. -- Data not available or no longer reported Sources: Except for the business-type activities data, of which were provided by the departments, all departmental workload indicators and performance metrics are from the Detail of Department Programs which is a supplemental budget document.

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