Oregon New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program: 2014 (update 1.26.15)

data.oregon.gov | Last Updated 16 Mar 2018

(1.26.15 update) The Oregon Low Income Community Jobs Initiative (Oregon New Markets Tax Credit, or NMTC) program helps finance investments and create jobs in low-income communities; delivers below-market-rate investment options to Oregon businesses; attracts additional Federal New Market Tax Credit investments in Oregon; and sparks revitalization in Oregon’s low-income communities. The program is available to Community Development Entities (CDEs) serving Oregon that have been allocated Federal New Market Tax Credits. The Oregon new market tax credits are then provided to investors who make qualified equity investments in community development entities that in turn invest in projects located in low-income communities. Investments can only be made in qualified, existing low-income community businesses located in Oregon as defined by section 45D of the Internal Revenue Code. If you have additional questions, please contact Laura Engstrom at laura.engstrom@oregon.gov

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This dataset has the following 20 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Issuing Agencyissuing_agencytext
Report Period End Datereport_period_end_datecalendar_date
Eligibility Determination made by Community Development Entityeligibility_determination_made_by_community_development_entitytext
Quality Active Low Income Community Businessquality_active_low_income_community_businesstext
Project Locationproject_locationtext
Project Location County Codeproject_location_county_codenumber
Project Location Congressional Districtproject_location_congressional_districtnumber
Number of Employment for Created Jobsnumber_of_employment_for_created_jobstext
Number of Employment for Retained Jobsnumber_of_employment_for_retained_jobstext
Number of Employment (created and/or retained) Jobs with Health Benefitsnumber_of_employment_created_and_or_retained_jobs_with_health_benefitsnumber
Average Annual Salary of Employmentaverage_annual_salary_of_employmenttext
Investment Satisfied/Documentation Complete (subject to confidentiality laws)investment_satisfied_documentation_complete_subject_to_confidentiality_lawstext
Total Project Coststotal_project_costsnumber
Total Amount of State New Market Tax Allocationtotal_amount_of_state_new_market_tax_allocationnumber
Total Amount of Federal New Market Tax Allocationtotal_amount_of_federal_new_market_tax_allocationnumber
Total Costs of Professional Fees(note: *CDE does not charge fees)total_costs_of_professional_fees_note_cde_does_not_charge_feesnumber
Meets Green Project Requirements per OAR 123-630-0090(2)(a)(b)meets_green_project_requirements_per_oar_123_630_0090_2_a_btext
Other Social, Community and/or Economic Impactsother_social_community_and_or_economic_impactstext
Tax Credit Recipient Quality Equity Investortax_credit_recipient_quality_equity_investortext
Maximum Amount of Tax Credit Made Available to Quality Equity Investor in Current Tax Yearmaximum_amount_of_tax_credit_made_available_to_quality_equity_investor_in_current_tax_yearnumber