Project Status by Lead Agency | Last Updated 4 Aug 2017

The number of projects each lead agency has on the Dashboard are displayed below, sorted by project status. You can further filter the data by clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of the filter symbol at the top of the visualization.<br /><br />Status definitions are as follows:<br />• Planned - A project that has been initiated, but has no actions and/or related milestones underway is ‘Planned.’<br />• In Progress - Projects that have at least one action and/or milestones underway are ‘In Progress.’<br />• Complete - When all environmental reviews and authorizations for a project have been finished, the project is ‘Complete.’<br />• Paused - If project work is temporarily stopped due to issues beyond the control of the acting agency, a project is ‘Paused.’<br />• Cancelled - If work on a project has stopped and is not expected to restart in the future, it is ‘Cancelled.’