City of Seattle Wages: Comparison by Gender - Average Hourly Wage by Age | Last Updated 15 May 2019

Average hourly wages for women and men sorted by age range

Tags: wages, salary, salaries, job, classifications, government, gender, comparison by gender, gender wage study

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
AGE RANGEage_rangetext
Average of FEMALE HOURLY RATEaverage_of_female_hourly_ratenumber
Count of FEMALE EMPLIDcount_of_female_emplidnumber
Average of MALE HOURLY RATEaverage_of_male_hourly_ratenumber
Count of MALE EMPLIDcount_of_male_emplidnumber
Total Average of HOURLY RATEtotal_average_of_hourly_ratenumber
Total Count of EMPLIDtotal_count_of_emplidnumber
Female to male % ratefemale_to_male_ratenumber