City of Seattle Wages: Comparison by Gender - All Job Classifications | Last Updated 15 May 2019

Average pay comparison of male and female wages by job classification (except Library job classes). The data contains weighted average hourly pay rates for women and men and the average of all employee wages in the class.

Tags: wages, salary, salaries, job, classifications, government, gender, comparison by gender, gender wage study

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Female Avg Hrly Ratefemale_avg_hrly_ratenumber
No. Female Emplno_female_emplnumber
Average of Female MONTHS LONGEVITY IN CURRENT CLASSIFICATIONaverage_of_female_months_longevity_in_current_classificationnumber
Male Avg Hrly Ratemale_avg_hrly_ratenumber
No. Male Emplno_male_emplnumber
Average of Male MONTHS LONGEVITY IN CURRENT CLASSIFICATIONaverage_of_male_months_longevity_in_current_classificationnumber
Total Avg Hrly Ratetotal_avg_hrly_ratenumber
Total No. Empltotal_no_emplnumber
Total Average of MONTHS LONGEVITY IN CURRENT CLASSIFICATIONtotal_average_of_months_longevity_in_current_classificationnumber
Ratio of women's hourly rate to men's hourly rate - percentageratio_of_women_s_hourly_rate_to_men_s_hourly_rate_percentagenumber