SFEC 3.216(d) Gifts of Travel Filings Entry Form

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Under section 3.216(d) of the San Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code, form SFEC-3.216(d) must be filed by an elected officer who either:(a) accepts a gift of transportation, lodging, or subsistence for any out-of-state travel that is paid for in part by an entity other than the City and County of San Francisco, another governmental body, or a bona-fide educational institution as defined in section 203 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, or that is paid for by the City in whole or in part with funds donated from any entity other than another governmental body or bona fide educational institution as defined in Section 203 of the Revenue and Taxation Code; or(b) reimburses the entity for the gift of transportation, lodging or subsistence in order to avoid receiving a gift.This table includes filings from April 2015 to the present.

Tags: conflict of interest, gifts, travel

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Elected Officer Last Nameelected_officer_last_nametext
Elected Officer First Nameelected_officer_first_nametext
Office Heldoffice_heldtext
Date Fileddate_filedcalendar_date
Purpose of Travelpurpose_of_traveltext
Period Start Dateperiod_start_datecalendar_date
Period End Dateperiod_end_datecalendar_date
Note Regarding Amountnote_regarding_amounttext