Active Demolition Permits for Buildings over 40 Years | Last Updated 16 Jul 2020

This dataset shows all demolition permit applications for structures over 40 years old. As a result, there may be permits listed for accessory structures exempt from demolition review pursuant to SMMC Section 9.25.020. “Original Construction Age” is pulled from the City’s permit system but may be different than original date of construction found through more detailed research. To view the most recent applications, please sort by “Date Plan Check Accepted” in Descending order. This date represents the start of the 75-day waiting period.

Tags: permits, building & safety

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData Type
Permit Numberpermit_numbertext
Date Plan Check Accepteddate_plancheck_acceptedcalendar_date
Site Unit Numbersite_unit_numbertext
Project Typeproject_typetext
Parcel Numberparcel_notext
Date Issueddate_issuedcalendar_date
Date Expireddate_expiredcalendar_date
Date Reneweddate_renewedcalendar_date
Class Code Descriptionclass_code_descriptiontext
Number of Unitsnumber_of_unitstext
Permit Type Codepermit_typetext
Original Construction Ageoriginal_construction_agenumber