Employee Compensation Report Graph

data.smgov.net | Last Updated 14 Dec 2018

The intent of this report is to capture salary, compensation and benefit information for every compensated employee in the city. This report is run for employees who received W2's for the indicated calendar years.

Tags: salary, pay, compensation, benefits

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Calendar Yearcalendar_yearnumber
Employment Typeemployment_typetextEmployment Type classifies employees as permanent or temporary.
Job Titlejob_descriptiontext
Division Namedivision_nametextDivision in which employee worked.
Regular Payregular_paynumberRegular Pay represents all base earnings such as salary pay, sick pay, vacation pay, holiday pay, etc.
Overtime Payover_time_paynumberOvertime Pay represents all earnings attributable to time worked in excess of the employees normally scheduled shift.
Lump Sum Paylump_sum_paynumberLump Sum Pay represents payments made for vacation, sick, or personal leave cash-outs as allowed by employee bargaining agreements.
Assignment and Incentive Payassignment_and_incentive_paynumberAssignment and Incentive Pay includes payments associated with hazardous or special assignments and education or longevity incentives.
Skill Payskills_paynumberSkill Pay includes payments for specialty certifications held by employees.
Outside Employer Payoutside_paynumberOutside Employer Pay includes payments made by the City to employees assigned to work special events where the cost is fully reimbursable by the outside event employer.
Other Payother_paynumberOther Pay includes payments for items such as uniform reimbursements, safety awards, and other miscellaneous payments not classifiable under any other earnings section.
Retirement Contributionretirement_contributionnumberRetirement Contributions include payments made to PERS for retirement plans for both the employer and employee share.
City Paid Deferred Compensationdeferred_compensation_plannumberCity Paid Deferred Compensation is a "matching" contribution made to the deferred compensation plan for employees that make contributions. The amounts matched are limited by the bargaining agreement to which the employee belongs.
Health Benefits Averagehealth_averagenumberHealth Benefits Average includes the average cost of coverage paid by the City for medical, dental, vision and employee assistance program coverage. Employees who have opted out of medical care coverage are not included in the average.
Cash-in-Lieu of Medical Benefitscash_in_lieunumberCash-in-Lieu of Medical Benefits includes payments to employees that have opted out of medical coverage. This column represents payments made to the employee as an incentive for obtaining their medical coverage under different means.
TotaltotalnumberTotal salary and benefits for each employee by calendar year