CIP Budget and Expenditure | Last Updated 17 Jan 2020

This includes Actuals and Budget for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects.

Tags: cip, projects, capital, expenditures, expenses, budget, improvement projects

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Ledger Typeledger_typetextGeneral Ledger Description for the posting to the ledger. Ledger Types are as follows: B1 = Revised Budget BA = Adopted/Proposed Budget B2 = Estimated Actual (not used in this report) AA = Actuals
Cost Center Typecost_center_typetextThis field identifies expenses and budget between operating and capital. IS = Operating JB = Capital
Fund Idfund_idtextThis is the Fund Number.
Fund Descriptionfund_descriptiontextThis is Fund Name associated with the Fund Number.
Expenditure Category Idexpense_category_idnumberThis defines the capital expenditures and budget by program category as appears in the budget document.
Expenditure Category Descriptionexpense_category_descriptiontextThis is the description corresponding to the Expense Category ID.
Project IDproject_idtextThis identifies the capital project. The same project id can be used across multiple funds (if funded using multiple sources).
Project Descriptionproject_descriptiontextThis describes the project id.
Fiscal yearfiscal_yeartextThis defines the fiscal year . For ex: 2010 is FY July2010 - June2011.
JulyjulynumberPeriod 1. Month entry was posted.
AugustaugustnumberPeriod2. Month entry was posted.
SeptemberseptembernumberPeriod 3. Month entry was posted
OctoberoctobernumberPeriod 4. Month entry was posted
NovembernovembernumberPeriod 5. Month entry was posted
DecemberdecembernumberPeriod 6. Month entry was posted
JanuaryjanuarynumberPeriod 7. Month entry was posted
FebruaryfebruarynumberPeriod 8. Month entry was posted
MarchmarchnumberPeriod 9. Month entry was posted
AprilaprilnumberPeriod 10. Month entry was posted
MaymaynumberPeriod 11. Month entry was posted
JunejunenumberThis is the final month of the fiscal year - Period 12. For this purposes of this report, it includes period 13. Period 13 is the adjustment period for year-end CAFR related adjustments.