Sonoma County Rebuilding Permits | Last Updated 28 May 2019

Rebuilding permits issued in unincorporated Sonoma County on parcels impacted by the 2017 Sonoma Fire Complex.

Tags: sonoma fire complex, fire, building permits, permits, building, 2017, sonoma county, parcel

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Record Idrecord_idtextThe unique identifier for each permit or record.
Date Openeddate_openedcalendar_dateThe date the permit or record was opened.
Record Typerecord_typetextThe type of permit or record.
Permit Statuspermit_statustextThe status of the permit or record. Started: Application has been received by Permit Sonoma and entered into permit database. Approved for Plan Check: Application has been determined to be complete and ready for a Building Plans Examiner to review. Plan Check Approved: Building Plans Examiner has reviewed and approved the application. Pre-Issue: Application is approved and Permit Technician has assessed permit fees and invoiced the customer. Issued: Customer has paid permit fees and inspections can be scheduled. Finaled: All required inspections have been satisfactorily completed.
CategorycategorytextThe category of the permit or record derived from the Permit Description column. Single Family Home: SFD Replacement or Mobile Home. The primary dwelling unit on a property. Accessory Dwelling Unit: Second Unit and Mobile Home 2nd Unit. A dwelling unit that is accessory to the primary dwelling unit. Bridge
Permit Descriptionpermit_descriptiontextThe description of the permit or record. Bridge: A structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or other obstacle. Guest House: A detached accessory building of a permanent type of construction which includes living area with no provisions for appliances or fixtures for the storage and/or preparation of food. Mobile Home (HUD Inspected): A movable structure made of one or more sections, designed and set up as a as the primary residence on the property and usable with or without a foundation. Mobile Home 2nd Unit: A movable structure made of one or more sections, designed and set up as the second unit on the property and usable with or without a foundation. Pool House: A secondary building with an open floor plan located on a property with a pool. Second Unit: A small permanent home established in addition to the main dwelling on a parcel zoned for residential use. SFD – Replacement (Requires Demo): A single family dwelling unit built to replace one destroyed in the fire.
UnitsunitsnumberThe number of units related to the permit or record.
BuildingsbuildingsnumberThe number of buildings related to the permit or record.
Total Square Feettotal_square_feettextThe total square feet related to the permit or record.
Situs Addresssitus_addresstext
Area IDarea_idtextArea of permit or record. MWS = Mark West Springs RIN = Rincon Valley KEN = Kenwood SON = Sonoma GLE = Glen Ellen SR = Santa Rosa (within city) SRO = Santa Rosa BEN = Bennett Valley
Supervisors Districtsupervisors_districttextThe Supervisors District and associated Supervisors name.
Event Titleevent_titletextName of the Storm or Disaster Event.
First Inspection Datefirst_inspection_datecalendar_dateDate of first inspection.
Parcel Numberparcel_numbertextThe parcel number.