Sonoma County Construction Permits | Last Updated 28 May 2019

Construction Permit application information in unincorporated Sonoma County parcels for the past 48 months.

Tags: prmd, permit, construction, parcels, well, encroachment, grading, sewer, demolition

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Record Numberfile_numbertextThe unique identifier for each permit or record.
Permit StatusstatustextThe status of the permit or record. Started: Application has been received by Permit Sonoma and entered into permit database. Approved for Plan Check: Application has been determined to be complete and ready for a Building Plans Examiner to review. Plan Check Approved: Building Plans Examiner has reviewed and approved the application. Pre-Issue: Application is approved and Permit Technician has assessed permit fees and invoiced the customer. Issued: Customer has paid permit fees and inspections can be scheduled. Finaled: All required inspections have been satisfactorily completed.
Record Typeapplication_typetextThe type of permit or record.
Startedstartedcalendar_dateThe date the permit application was accepted.
Issuedissuedcalendar_dateThe date the permit was issued, allowing construction to begin.
AddressaddresstextThe street address were the permitted development is to occur.
Permit DescriptiondescriptiontextA brief description of the project.
Assessors Parcel Numberassessors_parcel_numbertextThe parcel were the permitted development is to occur.
TotFeetotfeenumberThe total of all fees paid.
ValuevaluenumberThe value of the construction.