2013 Satisfaction Survey summary

data.strathcona.ca | Last Updated 16 Nov 2016

The individual results from the Strathcona County Public Satisfaction Survey completed in December 2013. A summary of these results can be found at http://www.strathcona.ca/departments/communications/public-satisfaction-survey-results/ Additionally, the codes for each answer are listed in the attached document.

Tags: satisfaction survey - 2013, satisfaction survey, phone survey, opinion

This dataset has the following 2 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Locationlocationnumber1 = Sherwood Park; 2 = Rural Strathcona
1. To what extent are you satisfied with your quality of life in Strathcona County at the present time?_1_to_what_extent_are_you_satisfied_with_your_quality_of_life_in_strathcona_county_at_the_present_timenumber1=Very High; 2=High; 3 = Average; 4=Low; 5=Very Low; 9=Don’t know