T10 Vehicle Volumes

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The City conducts transportation conducts, which counts the numbers of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles moving through an intersection. Counts are typically conducted every 2 years during the weekday and weekend peak hours. The peak hours represents the time period where traffic counts are the highest due to worker commute. Weekday counts are conducted at all City signalized intersections during the AM Peak Hours (7:00 A -9:00 AM) and PM peak hours (5:30 PM – 7:30 PM) either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the Fall (when school is in session). Weekend counts are conducted during the midday peak hour (1:00-5:00 PM) either on Saturday or Sunday in the Summer at signalized intersections in the Downtown and Main Street areas, as these areas tend to experience greater traffic as a result of the tourist/visitor population on the weekends

Tags: transportation, traffic, congestion

This dataset has the following 38 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Total AM Peak Vehicle Counttotal_am_peak_vehicle_countnumber
Main (AM Peak)main_am_peaknumber
Nielsen (AM Peak)nielsen_am_peaknumber
4th Street (AM Peak)_4th_street_am_peaknumber
Lincoln (AM Peak)lincoln_am_peaknumber
20th (AM Peak)_20th_am_peaknumber
Cloverfield (AM Peak)cloverfield_am_peaknumber
26th (AM Peak)_26th_am_peaknumber
Centinela Avenue West (AM Peak)centinela_avenue_west_am_peaknumber
Centinela Avenue East (AM Peak)centinela_avenue_east_am_peaknumber
Santa Monica (AM Peak)santa_monica_am_peaknumber
Broadway (AM Peak)broadway_am_peaknumber
Colorado (AM Peak)colorado_am_peaknumber
Olympic (AM Peak)olympic_am_peaknumber
Pico (AM Peak)pico_am_peaknumber
Ocean Park (AM Peak)ocean_park_am_peaknumber
Downtown Specific Plan Area IN (AM Peak)downtown_specific_plan_area_in_am_peaknumber
Downtown Specific Plan Area OUT (AM Peak)downtown_specific_plan_area_out_am_peaknumber
Total PM Peak Vehicle Counttotal_pm_peak_vehicle_countnumber
Main (PM Peak)main_pm_peaknumber
Nielsen (PM Peak)nielsen_pm_peaknumber
4th Street (PM Peak)_4th_street_pm_peaknumber
Lincoln (PM Peak)lincoln_pm_peaknumber
20th (PM Peak)_20th_pm_peaknumber
Cloverfield (PM Peak)cloverfield_pm_peaknumber
26th (PM Peak)_26th_pm_peaknumber
Centinela Avenue West (PM Peak)centinela_avenue_west_pm_peaknumber
Centinela Avenue East (PM Peak)centinela_avenue_east_pm_peaknumber
Wilshire (PM Peak)wilshire_pm_peaknumber
Santa Monica (PM Peak)santa_monica_pm_peaknumber
Broadway (PM Peak)broadway_pm_peaknumber
Colorado (PM Peak)colorado_pm_peaknumber
Olympic (PM Peak)olympic_pm_peaknumber
Pico (PM Peak)pico_pm_peaknumber
Ocean Park (PM Peak)ocean_park_pm_peaknumber
Downtown Specific Plan Area IN (PM Peak)downtown_specific_plan_area_in_pm_peaknumber
Downtown Specific Plan Area OUT (PM Peak)downtown_specific_plan_area_out_pm_peaknumber