Bid Book Spreadsheet 2016 | Last Updated 7 Sep 2018

The submitting agency SHALL be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the bid document posting(s), closing time, delivery of bid, evaluation, awards and any other procurement documentation. The agency shall not waive any state or federal law or agency’s requirements on purchases.

Tags: hub, bid fair

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Agency Numberagency_numbertext
Agency Nameagency_nametext
Solicitation Numbersolicitiation_numbertext
Class Codecommodity_typetext
Item Codecommodity_codetext
Unit of Sale (Each, Lot, Package, etc.)unit_of_sale_each_lot_package_etctext
Estimated Worthestimated_worthnumber
Contact Namecontact_nametext
Contact Phonecontact_phonetext
Contact Emailcontact_emailtext
Specs and Drawingsspecs_and_drawing_2document
Special Agency Terms and Conditionsspecial_agency_terms_and_conditionsdocument
Solicitation Documentsolicitation_documentdocument