FY 2018

data.texas.gov | Last Updated 15 May 2018

DIR is responsible for putting cooperative contracts for technology contracts in place for state agency and local government use. The data represents sales that are submitted by vendors via monthly reports. The data is sorted using the state's fiscal year (FY) and begins FY 2010 and runs through present.

Tags: technology, sales, state agency, local government, k-12, higher education, non-profit, city, county

This dataset has the following 54 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearnumberApplicable fiscal year. The state's fiscal year runs Sep through Aug
Customer Namecustomer_nametextCustomer name.
Vendor Namevendor_nametextPrime vendor name.
Purchase Amountextended_pricenumberTotal price.
Contract Numberdir_contract_numbertextContract number assigned by DIR.
RFO Descriptionrfo_descriptiontextDescription of the Request for Proposal (RFO) from which applicable vendor contracts result.
RFO Numberrfo_numbertextRFO number from which applicable vendor contracts result.
Customer Typecustomer_typetextDIR customer designation.
Customer Contactcustomer_contact_nametextCustomer POC at time of sale.
Customer Addresscustomer_address1textCustomer address.
Customer Citycustomer_citytextCustomer city.
Customer Statecustomer_statetextCustomer state.
Customer ZIPcustomer_ziptextCustomer ZIP code
Customer Geolocationcustomer_locationlocationA mappable location of the customer's business address.
Vendor Contactvendor_account_managertextVendor POC at time of sale.
Vendor HUB Typehub_status_descriptiontextVendor historically underutilized business (HUB) designation. Assigned by the Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Vendor Addressvendor_address1textVendor address.
Vendor Cityvendor_citytextVendor city.
Vendor Statevendor_statetextVendor state.
Vendor Zipvendor_ziptextVendor zip.
Vendor Geolocationvendor_locationlocationA mappable location of the prime vendor's business address.
Reseller Namereseller_nametextName of prime vendor's reseller - if applicable.
Reseller HUB Typereseller_hub_statustextHUB status of the reseller as designated by the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Sales through a HUB reseller count towards a customer's HUB sales' goal.
Reseller Addressreseller_addresstextReseller address.
Reseller Cityreseller_citytextReseller city.
Reseller Statereseller_statetext
Reseller Zipreseller_ziptext
Reseller Geolocationreseller_locationlocationA mappable location of the reseller's business address.
Reseller Phonereseller_phonetextReseller phone at time of sale.
Report Received Monthreport_period_actualnumberMonthly reporting period the transaction occurred.
Purchase Monthreporting_periodnumberMonthly reporting period the data was reported by the vendor.
Brand Namemanufacturer_nametextManufacturer name of the good or service sold.
Purchase Descriptionproduct_descriptiontextDetailed description if the good or product sold as reported by the vendor.
Product Numberproduct_itemtext
Order Quantityorder_quantitynumberQuantity ordered.
Unit Priceunit_pricenumberUnit price.
PO Numberpayment_method__potextPayment purchase order number as reported by the vendor.
Invoice Numberinvoice_numbertextInvoice number as reported by the vendor.
Order Dateordered_datecalendar_dateDate customer ordered good or service.
Shipped Dateshipped_datecalendar_dateDate shipped as reported by the vendor.
DIR Contract Mgrdir_contract_managertextDIR contract manager at time of sale.
Contract Typecontract_typetextHigh-level DIR designation of the contract type.
Contract Subtypecontract_subtypetextLower-level DIR designation of the contract type - if applicable.
Contract Start Datecontract_start_datecalendar_dateDate contract began.
Contract End Datecontract_end_datecalendar_dateDate contract term ended or will end.
Contract Termination Datecontract_termination_datecalendar_dateDate contract was terminated. This date may include early terminations or contract extensions.
Staffing Contractor Namestaffing_contractor_nametextName of Contractor fulfilling a staffing contract
Staffing Technologyitsac_categorytextFor staffing services contracts only - DIR designation for the type of staffing service provided.
Staffing TitletitletextFor staffing services contracts only - title of the person providing the service.
Staffing Leveltitle_leveltextFor staffing services contracts only - experience level of the person providing the service.
Staffing Technology Typetechnology_typetextFor staffing services contracts only - Type of technology service provided by the staffer.
Staffing Start Datecontractor_start_datetextFor staffing services contracts only - date contractor began providing services as reported by the vendor.
Staffing Acquistion Typeacquisition_typetextStaffing services only - customer designation of how service was acquired.
Sales Fact Numbersales_fact_idnumberUnique identifier for each row of data.