Portland, Oregon Test Data Set Freeway Loop Detector Data

data.transportation.gov | Last Updated 9 Nov 2018

This set of data files was acquired under USDOT FHWA cooperative agreement DTFH61-11-H-00025 as one of the four test data sets acquired by the USDOT Data Capture and Management program.The freeway data consists of two months of data (Sept 15 2011 through Nov 15 2011) from dual-loop detectors deployed in the main line and on-ramps of a Portland-area freeway. The section of I-205 NB covered by this test data set is 10.09 miles long and the section of I-205 SB covered by this test data set is 12.01 miles long The data includes: flow, occupancy, and speed.

Tags: intelligent transportation systems (its), its joint program office (jpo), portland oregon test data set freeway loop detector data, usdot data capture and management program (dcm), flow data, occupancy data, speed data, sensor data, portland, oregon, loop detector, freeway

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
detectoriddetectoridnumberid of the detector
starttimestarttimedateStart of the 20-second interval which is represented by this data
volumevolumenumber20-second count for this detector
speedspeednumber20-second average speed for this detector. Speed is measured by speed-trap (dual-loop) detectors (mph)
occupancyoccupancynumber20-second average occupancy for this detector (percent between 0 and 100).
statusstatusnumberDetector failure management data status from the ODOT ATMS. 0 = Inhibited, 1 = Disabled, 2 = OK, 3 = Suspect, 4 = Soft Failed, 5 = Hard failed
dqflagsdqflagsnumberRepresentation of data quality flags, described in Section 1.1.3 of the documentation.