Airline Quarterly Financial Review - Majors | Last Updated 21 Sep 2018

This report contains tables and charts on the financial condition of the U.S. major airlines. All data presented in this financial and traffic review are derived from data reported to the U.S. Department of Transportation on Form 41 Schedules by Large Certificated Air Carriers. The data are presented on both a carrier group and an individual carrier basis, but the primary focus is on the individual major carrier and its performance. Data are presented for the most recent quarterly period and the comparable quarter a year earlier and also on a 12-month ended basis as at the end of the five most recent quarters. In addition, data on changes over comparable periods 12-months earlier are presented. In the case of merged carriers, data for the carriers involved have been combined and presented under the name of the surviving carrier so that meaningful comparisons could be made for the most recent 18 quarters. Also, carriers can move between groupings (Majors and Nationals) based on the criteria listed below over time. Each report includes 18 quarters of data. In the instance where a carrier falls into both groupings during the 18 quarters, a carrier will appear in both reports. The data from the Majors report and the data from the Nationals report should not be combined without ensuring any duplications are removed. Carrier Group Definitions Majors: Air carriers with annual operating revenues exceeding $1,000,000,000

Tags: aviation, office fo the secretary of the transportation, quarterly financial review, majors, form 41

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
CarProcessGrpcarprocessgrpnumberDOT assigned carrier group number based on annual revenue: (2 - Nationals, 3 - Majors)
Period_Typeperiod_typetextData Period Type: Q - Quarter, A - Annual
YearyearnumberData Year
QuarterquarternumberData Quarter
Group_Sortgroup_sortnumberUnique Group ID
Group_Namegroup_nametextReport Group Name
Airline_IdairlineidnumberDOT assigned unique carrier identifier
UniqueCarrieruniquecarriertextUnique carrier alphacode that does not change over time
UniqueCarrierNameuniquecarriernametextUnique carrier name that does not change over time, corresponds to the most recent value assigned
Item_Iditem_idnumberReport metric identifier, see report appendix for a full description
Item_Nameitem_nametextReport metric name, see report appendix for a full report description
Item_ValuevalnumberItem value