Impact Surveys for Smallholder Customers of Agricultural technologies in Kenya and Mozambique as Part of the Feed the Future Initiative- Data | Last Updated 15 Aug 2019

The Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation (FTF-P4I) initiative is a USAID-funded program that helps commercialize agricultural innovations in smallholder markets by supporting public-private partnerships to meet food security objectives. FTF-P4I requires private sector subawardees to report on proprietary business and sales data rather than collect farmer-level data, and when necessary program staff then use this data in combination with assumptions around product usage to calculate specific indicators such as the number of farmers impacted by program activities or the number of hectares under improved technologies or management practices. FTF-P4I then confirms farmer-level impact with additional field surveys, especially for subawardees with significant potential impact on women or with sales to farmers through third party distributors. These measures guarantee greater data quality of both sales data and assumptions used to calculate indicators, such as the number of farmers applying improved technologies, as well as promote better precision on farmer-level impact and impact on women. The submitted dataset includes the results of seven subawardees located in Kenya (Surehatch, AATF) and Mozambique (BOM, iDE, NCBA CLUSA, EMCL).

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