Annual Volunteer Count and Hours | Last Updated 8 Jan 2019

City of Virginia Beach Volunteer counts are the number of individuals that served/provided volunteer hours as assigned per the department. The Volunteer hours are for non-paid/volunteer service provided to the City.

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This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
DepartmentdepartmenttextA branch of the government of the City of Virginia Beach.
PlaceplacetextA layer of differentiation within a department, which could be for a specific location, program, division, or event.
Volunteer Assignmentvolunteer_assignmenttextRefers to the tasks and responsibilities volunteers perform within the City of Virginia Beach; may also be known a volunteer position or job title.
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yeartextThe period that the City of Virginia Beach government uses for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements, which runs from July – June. *For example: FY2017 encompasses July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.
HourshoursnumberNon-paid/volunteer service provided to the City of Virginia Beach.
Hours Valuehours_valuenumberThe monetary value of volunteer service per hour. The City of Virginia Beach aligns our value of volunteer time with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools by utilizing the National Average Hourly Value of Volunteer Time. Each April, the Department of Labor updates its figures for the National Average Hourly Value of Volunteer Time. This allows ample time for annual adjustments to be made for the Office of Volunteer Resources Fiscal Year Report delivered at the end of the calendar year. For FY2017, the value from 2016 was used, which was $24.14 per hour. For more information, please view:
Hours FTEhours_ftenumber'Full-time-equivalent employees,' or FTE' is a unit of measurement for counting employees. A full-time-employee is usually considered one who works 40 hours per week. Using FTE to describe the human resources allocated to - or needed to perform - a particular task lets you compare apples to apples. While volunteers are generally classified differently than employees, FTE can be a useful method to describe the amount of service performed by volunteers (overall or in a particular area) in terms understood by human resource professionals and board members.
Volunteer Countvolunteer_countnumberThe number of individuals that served/provided volunteer hours within the associated assignment. *** Please Note: when totaling the volunteer count column, this database is unable to differentiate between individuals that serve in multiple assignments. Ex: if Jane Doe is a docent at Va. Aquarium and a VB Reads tutor mentor, she will be counted two times – once under each separate assignment. The total unduplicated volunteer count for FY2017 is 13,770.