Contributions to can or comm | Last Updated 17 Mar 2017

This dataset contains cash and in-kind contributions made to Washington State Candidates and Political Committees for the last 10 years as reported to the PDC on forms C3, C4, Schedule C and their electronic filing equivalents. It does not include loans, pledges or any expenditures. For candidates, the number of years is determined by the year of the election, not necessarily the year the contribution was reported. For political committees, the number of years is determined by the calendar year of the reporting period. Candidates and political committees choosing to file under "mini reporting" are not included in this dataset. See WAC 390-16-105 for information regarding eligibility. This dataset is a best-effort by the PDC to provide a complete set of records as described herewith and may contain incomplete or incorrect information. The PDC provides access to the original reports for the purpose of record verification. Descriptions attached to this dataset do not constitute legal definitions; please consult RCW 42.17A and WAC Title 390 for legal definitions and additional information political finance disclosure requirements. CONDITION OF RELEASE: This publication constitutes a list of individuals prepared by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission and may not be used for commercial purposes. This list is provided on the condition and with the understanding that the persons receiving it agree to this statutorily imposed limitation on its use. See RCW 42.56.070(9) and AGO 1975 No. 15.

Tags: political finance, elections, contributions, campaign, political committee

This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
filer_idfiler_idtextThe unique id assigned to a candidate or political committee. The filer id is consistent across election years with the exception that an individual running for a second office in the same election year will receive a second filer id. There is no correlation between the two filer ids. For a candidate and single-election-year committee such as a ballot committee, the combination of filer_id and election_year uniquely identifies a campaign.
filer_namefiler_nametextThe candidate or committee name as reported on the form C1 candidate or committee registration form. The name will be consistent across all records for the same filer id and election year but may differ across years due to candidates or committees changing their name.
election_yearelection_yearnumberThe election year in the case of candidates and single election committees. The reporting year in the case of continuing political committees.
amountamountnumberThe amount of the cash or in-kind contribution. On corrections records, this field is the amount of the adjustment.