L&I Affidavit Project Calendar

data.wa.gov | Last Updated 24 Aug 2016

Affidavit filed by an employer/contractor for work done on a public works project.

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This dataset has the following 43 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Affidavit ID NumberidnumberAffidavit ID Number
Awarding Agency NameagencynametextAwarding Agency Name
Awarding Agency AddressagencyaddresstextAwarding Agency Address
Awarding Agency Contact PersonagencycontacttextAwarding Agency Contact Person
Agency Phone NumberagencycontactphonetextAwarding Agency Contact Phone Number
Prime Contractor NameprimecompanytextPrime Contractor Name
Contractor Phone NumberprimecompanyphonetextPrime Contractor Phone Number
Contractor LicenseprimelicensetextPrime Contractor's Contractor License Number
Contractor's UBIprimeubitextPrime Contractor's UBI Number
Project Bid Due Datebidduedatecalendar_dateProject Bid Due Date
Project Award Dateawarddatecalendar_dateProject Contract Award Date
Contract NamecontractnametextContract Name
Contract NumbercontractnumbertextContract Number
Project Site AddressprojectlocationtextProject Site Address or Directions
AmountamountnumberEstimated Contract Amount
Intent IDintentnumberIntent ID Number
Affidavit Received Dateformreceiveddatecalendar_dateAffidavit Received Date
Work Completion Dateprojectcompletiondatecalendar_dateWork Completion Date
Contract AmountcontractamountnumberContract Amount
Did Owner/Operators Perform Work?owner_operatorsworkedtextDid Owner/Operators Perform Work?
NumberOfOwnerWorkednumberofowner_operatorworkednumberNumber Of Owner Operators Who Performed Work
FormFiledByformfiledbytextName Of The Person Who Filed This Form
AllWorkSubcontracted?allworksubcontractedtextCompany Filing The Form - Was All Work Subcontracted Out?
AnySubContractor?anysubcontractortextCompany Filing The Form - Did Your Company Hire Any Subcontractors?
YourCompanyEmployeesWorked?yourcompanyemployeesworkedtextCompany Filing The Form - Did Your Company Have Employees Perform Work On This Project?
AnyApprentices?anyapprenticestextCompany Filing The Form - Did Your Company Have Apprentices Perform?
FilingCompanyLicenselicensetextCompany Filing The Form - Contractor Registration Number
FilingCompanyUBIubitextCompany Filing The Form - UBI Number
FilingCompanyNamenametextCompany Filing The Form - Company Name
FilingCompanyPhonephonetextCompany Filing The Form - Phone Number
FilngCompanyEmailemailtextCompany Filing The Form - Email Address
FilingCompanyAddress1address1textCompany Filing The Form - Address 1
FilingCompanyAddress2address2textCompany Filing The Form - Address 2
FilingCompanyCitycompanycitytextCompany Filing The Form - City
FilingCompanyStatestatetextCompany Filing The Form - State
FilingCompanyZipCodezipcodetextCompany Filing The Form - Zip Code
FilingCompanyInsuranceAccountinsuranceaccounttextCompany Filing The Form - Industrial Account ID
Work Start Dateworkstartdatecalendar_dateWork Start Date
Prime'sIntentNumberprime_sintentnumbernumberPrime Contractor's Intent ID Number
AARAFundsUsed?aarafundsusedtextAmerican Recovery And Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds Used?
WeatherizationFundsUsed?weatherizationfundsusedtextWeatherization Or Energy Efficiency Upgrades Funds Used?