Solid Waste Generated per GDP | Last Updated 1 Feb 2018

This indicator tracks the efficiency of Washington's economy relative to waste generation, by comparing the pounds of solid waste generated to the state's gross domestic product (GDP). Comparing solid waste generated to GDP gives us a measure of "eco-efficiency" by showing how much waste we produce relative to the amount of economic activity.

Tags: ecology, waste 2 resources

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Municipal Solid Waste Disposed (tons)municipal_solid_waste_disposed_tonsnumber
Other Waste Types Disposed (recoverable) (tons)other_waste_types_disposed_recoverable_tonsnumber
Tires - disposed in out-of-state landfills (tons)tires_disposed_in_out_of_state_landfills_tonstext
Total Recovered Materials (tons)total_recovered_materials_tonsnumber
Total Recycled Materials (tons)total_recycled_materials_tonsnumber
Total Waste Generation (recoverable) (tons)total_waste_generation_recoverable_tonsnumber
MSW Generated (tons)msw_generated_tonsnumber
Total State Gross Domestic Product (indexed to 2000 dollars) Millions of dollarstotal_state_gross_domestic_product_indexed_to_2000_dollars_millions_of_dollarsnumber
Real State GDP per pound of Solid Waste Generated Dollars per poundreal_state_gdp_per_pound_of_solid_waste_generated_dollars_per_poundnumber
Pounds of Solid Waste Generated per dollar of Real State GDP in 2000$pounds_of_solid_waste_generated_per_dollar_of_real_state_gdp_in_2000number
Pounds of MSW generated per Real State GDP in 2000 (Pounds per dollar (yr 2000))pounds_of_msw_generated_per_real_state_gdp_in_2000_pounds_per_dollar_yr_2000number
Population in Washington (Persons)population_in_washington_personsnumber
Pounds of Solid Waste Generated per person per day per dollarpounds_of_solid_waste_generated_per_person_per_day_per_dollarnumber