Clarkston Fire Department Monthly Service Calls 2018 | Last Updated 30 Jan 2020

This dataset shows the City of Clarkston Fire Department Call Data for the calendar year 2018. The Department collects information on calls for assistance. Calls are initiated through Whitcom, a regional dispatch center. Whitcom makes an initial classification of the event. Responders write reports which verify or modify classification as noted below. The final classification is verified by the Department’s Support Services Secretary.

Tags: fire, medical, assistance, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, 911 calls, emergency, ambulance, clarkston, asotin county

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyeartextYear data was collected
MonthmonthtextMonth data was collected
Basic Life Supportbasic_life_supportnumberResponders are at the skill level of Emergency Medical Technician of below
Advanced Life Supportadvanced_life_supportnumberResponders are the skill level of Paramedic and may administer medication, perform intubation, and monitor heart rates
Advanced Life Support 2advanced_life_support_2numberHighest level of life support by Paramedics
Interfacility Transferinterfacility_transfernumberTransportation between medical facilities. Patient may receive Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support
Out of Area Transfer, Basic Life Supportout_of_area_transfer_basicnumberTransport to a medical facility outside of area by Emergency Medical Technicians
Out of Area Transfer, Advanced Life Supportout_of_area_transfer_advancednumberTransport to a medical facility outside of area by Paramedics
Oxygen Administeredoxygen_administerednumberOxygen administered to patient during response or transfer
AssistsassistsnumberAssistance given to patient without the need for transport (e.g. helping patient who has fallen to get up off the floor))
Unfounded Callsunfounded_callsnumberResponders are unable to locate the reported problem or problem has resolved by the time they arrive (e.g. report of smoke that has dissipated)
Non-Residentnon_residentnumberPatient is not a resident of Clarkston, but needs assistance
MilesmilesnumberMiles travelled by medical units in the designated month
Total Callstotal_callsnumberNumber of calls for assistance received in the designated month. There may appear to be a discrepancy between number of call and number of patients because some calls will include more than one patient (e.g. an automobile accident with 2 people injured)
Total Billedtotal_billedtextTotal amount billed for assistance in the designated month. Patients are billed only if they are transported