Average Paid Sick Hours Per Employee

data.winnipeg.ca | Last Updated 28 Aug 2017

Tags: hr, headcount, staffing, sick time, retirement

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Reporting Typereporting_typetext
Report Datereport_datecalendar_date
Average Headcountaverage_headcountnumberAverage of the City’s Headcount taken each quarter
HeadcountheadcountnumberHead Count of active employees as of December 31st
Average Ageaverage_agenumberAverage Age as of December 31st
Average Years of Serviceaverage_years_of_servicenumberAverage Years of Service as of December 31st
Retirement Eligibilityretirement_eligibilitynumberEligibility – Number of employees eligible to retire as of December 31st
RetirementsretirementsnumberNumber of retirements during the calendar year
Average Age Retireeaverage_age_retireenumberAverage age of employees retiring during the calendar year
Paid Sick Hours Takenpaid_sick_hours_takennumberIncludes paid sick and family sick leave
Avg Eligible Employees for Paid Sickavg_eligible_employees_for_paid_sicknumberAverage number of employees enrolled in a Paid Sick Plan taken each quarter
Avg Paid Sick Hours Per Eligible Employeeavg_paid_sick_hours_per_eligible_employeenumberPaid sick Hours/Average Sick Enrollment
Banked Overtime Hoursbanked_overtime_hoursnumbernumber of overtime hours worked that can be used as time-off or cashed out
Paid Overtime Hourspaid_overtime_hoursnumberNumber of overtime hours worked taken as pay
Unpaid Overtime Hoursunpaid_overtime_hoursnumberUnpaid overtime worked by WAPSO and WAPSO Exempt employees