Budget - Fiscal Year 2016 Executive Recommendation - Budget Summary Of Positions By Business Unit

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Executive Recommendation for the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Summary of Positions by Business Unit. For more information on the budget and schedule of public hearings see http://www.cookcountyil.gov/budget/

Tags: 2016 budget executive recommendation

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Control Officercontrol_officertext
General Fund Typegeneral_fund_typetext
Fund Typefund_typetext
Department Numberdepartment_numbernumber
Department Namedepartment_nametext
Business Unit Numberbusiness_unit_numbernumber
Business Unit Namebusiness_unit_nametext
Job Codejob_codenumber
Job Titlejob_titletext
2015 Adopted FTE_2015_adopted_ftenumber
2015 Adopted Salary_2015_adopted_salarynumber
2016 Dept Req FTE_2016_dept_req_ftenumber
2016 Dept Req Salary_2016_dept_req_salarynumber
2016 Pres Rec FTE_2016_pres_rec_ftenumber
2016 Pres Rec Salary_2016_pres_rec_salarynumber