Cook County Budget - 2012 - Budget Long-term Forecast | Last Updated 9 Oct 2014

¹ Includes Sales Tax previously allocated to JTDC for FY08--9. Reflects rate reduction for last 2 months of FY10, last 8 months of FY12 and FY13 ² Provided for comparison purposes to revenues as shown in Revenue Estimate ³ Sources: FY07-FY11 from Budget Citizen's Summary, Q-1 Total General Fund Expenditures. FY13-16 based on FY12 with 3.2% annual growth (10 year CPI-U-2.44%/Health-8%).

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Revenues and Feesrevenues_and_feestext
Actual FY07actual_fy07number
Actual FY08actual_fy08number
Actual FY09actual_fy09number
Actual FY10actual_fy10number
Proj. Actual FY11proj_actual_fy11number
Ept. Est. FY12ept_est_fy12number
Proj. FY13proj_fy13number
Proj. FY14proj_fy14number
Proj. FY15proj_fy15number
Proj. FY16proj_fy16number