Sentencing | Last Updated 24 Feb 2019

The sentencing data presented in this report reflects the judgment imposed by the court on people that have been found guilty. Each row represents a charge that has been sentenced.

Tags: state's attorney case-level, state's attorney

This dataset has the following 39 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
CASE_IDcase_idnumberInternal unique identifier for each case
CASE_PARTICIPANT_IDcase_participant_idnumberInternal unique identifier for each person associated with a case
CHARGE_IDcharge_idnumberInternal unique identifier for each charge filed
CHARGE_VERSION_IDcharge_version_idnumberInternal unique identifier for each version of a charge associated with charges filed
PRIMARY_CHARGEprimary_chargecheckboxA flag for the top charge, usually the way the case is referred to
OFFENSE_TITLEoffense_titletextThe specific title of the charge offense
CHAPTERchaptertextThe legal chapter for the charge
ACTacttextThe legal act for the charge
SECTIONsectiontextThe legal section for the charge
CLASSclasstextThe legal class of the charge
AOICaoictextAdministrative Office of the Illinois Courts ID for law of the charge
DISPO_DATEdispo_datetextThe date the charge was disposed of
SENTENCE_PHASEsentence_phasetextSentencing phase explains when this version of the sentence was created
SENTENCE_DATEsentence_datetextDate of when the charge was sentenced
SENTENCE_JUDGEsentence_judgetextJudge who oversaw the sentencing
SENTENCE_TYPEsentence_typetextA broad type of sentence issued
COMMITMENT_TYPEcommitment_typetextA more specific type of sentence issued
COMMITMENT_TERMcommitment_termtextThe number associated with the sentence (use this with commitment_unit to understand length of sentence)
COMMITMENT_UNITcommitment_unittextThe unit associated with the sentence (use this with commitment_term to understand length of sentence)
CHARGE_DISPOSITIONcharge_dispositiontextThe result of the charge
CHARGE_DISPOSITION_REASONcharge_disposition_reasontextAdditional information about the result of the charge
COURT_NAMEcourt_nametextThe Circuit Court District the sentence was determined in
COURT_FACILITYcourt_facilitytextThe courthouse the sentence was determined in
LENGTH_OF_CASE_in_Dayslength_of_case_in_daysnumberNumber of days between a charge being arraigned and a charge being sentenced
AGE_AT_INCIDENTage_at_incidentnumberRecorded age at the time of the incident
GENDERgendertextRecorded gender of the defendant
RACEracetextRecorded race of the defendant
OFFENSE_TYPEoffense_typetextBroad offense type for charges filed in plain language
INCIDENT_BEGIN_DATEincident_begin_datetextDate of when the incident began
INCIDENT_END_DATEincident_end_datetextDate of when the incident ended (this will be blank for incidents that did not go more than one day)
ARREST_DATEarrest_datetextDate and time of arrest
LAW_ENFORCEMENT_AGENCYlaw_enforcement_agencytextLaw enforcement agency associated with the arrest
UNITunittextThe law enforcement unit associated with the arrest
INCIDENT_CITYincident_citytextThe city where the incident took place
RECEIVED_DATEreceived_datetextDate when felony review received the case
ARRAIGNMENT_DATEarraignment_datetextDate of the arraignment
CURRENT_SENTENCEcurrent_sentencecheckboxThis is a flag which row represents a current sentence.
UPDATED_OFFENSE_CATEGORYupdated_offense_categorytext​This field is the offense category for the case updated based upon the top charge for the primary offender. It can differ from the first offense category assigned to the case in part because cases evolve.
CHARGE_COUNTcharge_countnumberThe charge count of the charged offense.