IBRD: Summary of Current Loans for Lesotho

finances.worldbank.org | Last Updated 11 Apr 2019

Summary lending data comprising total approved, disbursed and undisbursed amounts together with borrower obligation (outstanding & overdue amounts) of all current IBRD loans as of the date indicated. Amounts are rounded to billions of US$ equivalent converted as of the date indicated. Current loans include loans that have not been fully repaid, terminated or cancelled.

Tags: ibrd, beneficiaries, loans, projects, country level, region level

This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
CountrycountrytextCountry to which loan has been issued. Loans to the IFC are included under the country “World”.
Original Principal Amountoriginal_principal_amountnumberThe original US dollar amount of the loan that is committed and approved.
Undisbursed Amountundisbursed_amountnumberThe amount of a loan commitment that is still available to be drawn down. These currency amounts have been converted to US dollars at the exchange rates applicable at the End of Period date.
Disbursed Amountdisbursed_amountnumberThe amount that has been disbursed from a loan commitment in equivalent US dollars calculated at the exchange rate on the value date of the individual disbursements.
Borrower's Obligationborrower_s_obligationnumberThe Borrower Obligation is the outstanding balance for the loan as of the end of period date in US dollars equivalent. The Borrower's Obligation includes the amounts outstanding Due to 3rd parties.