IDA World Bank | Last Updated 8 Sep 2016

Financial Intermediary Funds (FIFs) are multilateral financing arrangements for which the World Bank provides Trustee services that include committing and transferring funds to project implementers (generally international organizations such as multilateral development banks or UN agencies). In all cases the World Bank as Trustee is required to act in accordance with instructions of independent governing bodies. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the World Bank as Trustee complies with all sanctions applicable to World Bank transactions. The innovative financing and governance arrangements of FIFs enable funds to be raised from multiple sources, including from sovereign and private sources. FIF structures are customizable. For instance FIFs have been customized to receive contributions in the form of concessional loans in addition to traditional grant funds, and can provide funding to recipients using customized financial products.

Tags: fifs, donors, country level

This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
As of Dateas_of_datecalendar_dateDate when this data snapshot was taken
Fund Namefund_nametextName of the Financial Intermediary Fund
Donor Namedonor_nametextName of a donor country or organization
Donor Country Codedonor_country_codetextShows donor country code if applicable.
Receipt Typereceipt_typetextIndicates whether a contribution was received as cash or a promissory note/letter of credit.
Receipt Quarterreceipt_quartertextQuarter when the contribution was received
Calendar Yearcalendar_yeartextYear when the contribution was received
Receipt Currencyreceipt_currencytextCurrency in which the contribution was paid.
Receipt Amountreceipt_amountnumberAmount in the receipt currency
Contribution Typecontribution_typetextIndicates whether the contribution is categorized as Capital, Grant or Loan
Sub Accountsub_accounttextA window or program within the Fund.
Amount in USDamount_in_usdnumberAmount in US Dollars equivalent calculated using historical rates
Sector/Themesector_themetextCorresponding Sector/Theme.