QARR: Medicaid Child Preventive Care by Year: Beginning 2008 | Last Updated 12 Feb 2019

The column chart shows performance measurement rates for Medicaid child and adolescent health managed care by year. The chart can be filtered by measure by changing the option under the Filter tab. The chart uses statewide average rates of all insurance plans. Removing the statewide average filter is not recommended. For more information, check out The "About" tab contains additional details concerning this dataset.

Tags: managed care, medicaid, plan performance, quality-safety-costs

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Measurement Yearmeasurement_yearnumberMeasurement year
Plan IDplan_idtextHealth Plan ID
Plan Nameplan_nametextHealth plan name
DomaindomaintextMeasure domain
Sub Domainsub_domaintextMeasure sub domain
Measure Descriptionmeasure_descriptiontextDescription of quality measure for eQARR table column header
MeasuremeasuretextMeasure short name
Method of Data Collectionmethod_of_data_collectiontextMethod of collecting quality data
Eligible Populationeligible_populationnumberNumber of persons eligible for service
DenominatordenominatornumberNumber of persons meeting denominator criteria.
NumeratornumeratornumberNumber of persons numerator compliant.
Level of Significancelevel_of_significancetextLevel of significance
Percentile 90thpercentile_90thnumber10% of plans have a rate above this value
Percentile 75thpercentile_75thnumber25% of plans have a rate above this value
Percentile 50thpercentile_50thnumber50% of plans have a rate above and below this value
Percentile 25thpercentile_25thnumber75% of plans have a rate above this value
Percentile 10thpercentile_10thnumber90% of plans have a rate above this value