Vital Statistics Deaths by Resident County, Region, Place of Death: Beginning 2003 | Last Updated 6 Sep 2018

This dataset contains death counts and percent by county, region, and place of death. For more information, check out:

Tags: vital statistics, death, population, cause of death, births-deaths-other facts

This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
YearyearnumberThe calendar year in which the deaths took place.
County Namecounty_nametextThe NYS county where the resident lived at the time of their death.
RegionregiontextROS or NYC
Place of Death Codeplace_of_death_codetextCode given for each place of death.
Place of Death Descriptionplace_of_death_descriptiontextThe institution where the death occurred. When tabulating deaths by place of death, other institution is defined as state institution, Veterans Administration facility, federal institution, or health related facility.
Disposition Codedisposition_codenumberDisposition Code
Disposition Descriptiondisposition_descriptiontextDisposition Description
DeathsdeathsnumberThe number of deaths among New York State residents for a calendar year.