Percent of women who report smoking while pregnant, New Jersey, by year: Beginning 2010 | Last Updated 29 Nov 2018

Ratio: Percent of live births whose mothers reportedly used any tobacco product. Definition: Self-reported use of any tobacco product by the mother during pregnancy. Note: Denominator includes mothers with unknown tobacco use status (approx. 5% of birth records). Source: Birth Certificate Database, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, New Jersey Department of Health; Retrieved on December 22, 2014 from New Jersey Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, New Jersey State Health Assessment Data:  History: MAR 2017 - 2010-2014 baseline data updated for total population and all racial/ethnic groups - Baseline year changed from 2008 to 2010 - 2020 targets adjusted for total and all racial/ethnic groups to reflect a 10% improvement over the 2010 baseline

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