Percent of infants who receive diagnostic follow-ups within 3 months after a postive hearing loss screen, New Jersey, by year: Beginning 2010 | Last Updated 5 Apr 2017

Rate: Percentage of Infants receiving follow up diagnostic within 3 months after a Positive Hearing Loss Screening, among total number of live births discharged from New Jersey hospitals (excludes newborns who died or were transferred to out of state hospitals). Definition: Percentage of infants receiving audiologic follow-up after a positive screening for hearing loss by 3 months of age. Data Sources: 1) Birth Certificate Database, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, New Jersey Department of Health 2) Early Identification and Monitoring Program, Special Child Health and Early Intervention Services, Division of Family Health Services, New Jersey Department of Health

Tags: hearing, loss, screen, 3 months, infant, diagnostic, follow-up, follow up, followup, audiologic, positive, deaf, impaired, percent

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