Secondary Railcar Auction Market Bids, Latest Week of Data and Historical Averages | Last Updated 17 Oct 2019

This view is the result of multiple queries from the Secondary Auction Market Bids dataset to get the latest week of data and some historical averages and standard deviations for this month of the year.

Tags: rail, rates, auction markets, secondary

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
datedatecalendar_dateWeek ending date, ranging from 1997 to the present.
monthmonthnumberMonth number calculated from the reported week ending date (Date field). Week ending dates falling before the fourth day of the month are assigned to the previous month. For example, a week ending date falling on February 1st, 2nd, or 3rd would correspond to “1” (January), since there are less than four days in the reported week that fall in February. Values range from 1 through 12, where 1 refers to January, 2 to February, etc.
train_typetrain_typetextType of train (shuttle or non-shuttle).
month_bid_onmonth_bid_onnumberMonth for delivery of railcars.
companycompanytextRail company (BNSF Railway or Union Pacific Railroad).
bidbidnumberDollar amount (per car) of the bid/offer.
avg_bid_for_month_of_yearavg_bid_for_month_of_yearnumberColumn created from a SoQL query.
plus_1_std_devplus_1_std_devnumberColumn created from a SoQL query.
minus_1_std_devminus_1_std_devnumberColumn created from a SoQL query.