Sidewalk 311 Service Requests | Last Updated 15 Jul 2019

311 SRs for Sidewalks only

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
Service Request Keyservice_request_keytextUnique identifier of the service request in the Accela system.
Created Datecreated_datecalendar_dateDate the service request was created.
Request Typerequest_typetextThe type of the service request created.
DescriptiondescriptiontextDescription of the service request often populated by the constituent submitting the request.
Request Type Coderequest_type_codetextUrgency of the request, (Urgent, Emergency, Standard, None, etc.).
Status Codestatus_codetextStatus of the request, Open, New, and Closed.
Intake Formintake_formtextHow the request was submitted.
Actual Days to Complete - Workingactual_days_to_complete_workingnumber
SLA FY 2019sla_fy_2019number
On Time Indicatoron_time_indicatortextIndicator if the request is completed at or before the due date.
Completed Atcompleted_atcalendar_dateDate the request is completed.
Due Atdue_atcalendar_dateDate the request is due.
Council DistrictcitydsttextCouncil District in which the requests was submitted for