FIN Average MPG and Fuel Usage | Last Updated 8 Jul 2019

This dataset includes total fuel usage data for the County fleet, including the Finance and ESD managed fleet vehicles. It also includes Ferry fuel usage and data on transit trips based on ORCA card usage.

Tags: mpg, fleet, light duty fleet, orca

This dataset has the following 32 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Light Duty Fleet - Total Fueltotal_gallonsnumber
Finance-Fleet Vehicles Totaltotal_fleet_vehiclesnumber
Gallons Per Cargallons_per_carnumber
Total Miles Driventotal_miles_drivennumberIncludes miles for Finance-Fleet vehicles, which includes the majority of light duty vehicles in the County
Sheriff MPGsheriff_mpgnumber
All Other Departments MPGall_other_departments_mpgnumber
Combined MPGaverage_mpgnumber
PPW - ESD Division Gallonsppw_esd_division_gallonsnumber
PPW - Other Divisionsppw_other_divisionsnumber
PPW - Roadsppw_roadsnumber
PPW - Surface Water Managementppw_surface_water_managementnumber
PPW - Utilitiesppw_utilitiesnumber
Pool Vehiclespool_vehicles_number
Equipment Fleet - Total Fuelesd_total_gallonsnumber
Total County Fleet Fueltotal_county_fuel_gallonsnumber
Biodiesel B20 Gallonsbiodiesel_b20_gallonsnumber
ESD Fleet Vehiclesesd_feleet_vehiclesnumberNumber of ESD Vehicles
Ferry - Total Fuelferry_fuel_usenumber
Ferry Revenue Milesferry_revenue_milesnumber
Total Fleet and Ferry Fueltotal_fleet_and_ferry_fuelnumber
Community Transitcommunity_transitnumberEmployee ORCA trips on Community Transit.
Everett Transiteverett_transitnumberEmployee ORCA trips on Everett Transit.
King County Metroking_county_metronumberEmployee ORCA trips on King County Metro.
Kitsap Transitkitsap_transitnumberEmployee ORCA trips on Kitsap Transit.
Pierce Transitpierce_transitnumberEmployee ORCA trips on Pierce Transit.
Sound Transitsound_transitnumberEmployee ORCA trips on Sound Transit.
Total ORCA Tripstotal_orca_tripsnumberTotal ORCA trips by Pierce County Employees
PPW - ESD Divisionppw_esd_divisionnumber