FAC Facilities Assessment

internal.open.piercecountywa.gov | Last Updated 13 Jan 2020

A facility condition assessment is a process of analyzing the condition of a facility or a group of facilities. A facility condition assessment is crucial in monitoring a building’s health and performance, and help prevent a maintenance emergency that could negatively impact your operations and those you serve. FM's goal is to assess every building once every three years. Buildings assessments for the 2020 budget are scheduled through March of 2019. Target is 100% Completion.

Tags: facilities management, facilities assessment, maintenance

This dataset has the following 4 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Budget Yearbudget_yearcalendar_dateBudget Year is when the building is scheduled to be funded for intensive maintenance and repairs as part of the 10 year plan
PlannedplannednumberNumber of building/group of buildings scheduled to be assessed
CompletedcompletednumberNumber of buildings/group of buildings assessment completed
Percent Completedpercent_completednumberPercent of scheduled vs completed