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This data identifies current as well as proposed zoning and land use designations that are adopted by ordinances for unincorporated Pierce County. Zoning for cities is not included in this dataset. Zones are adopted by ordinances with specific technicalities for each community. Land Use designations offer a broad spectrum of allowable uses within a community. It is used to create a Comprehensive Plan Map or used for a Generalized Proposed Land Use Map or GPLUM. This dataset is also used to create the Land Use Designations theme, which covers proposed zoning use. The meaning of proposed is that the property might not be currently used for the purpose stated. It should be noted that Council adopted amendments to land use designations/zoning that will be effective at the beginning of 2006. Also, the Council is in the process of adopting the Mid-County Community Plan which amends land use designations/zoning as well. The Cities polygons found in the zoning data does not necessarily match the current cities boundaries. This is because the zoning data is updated once a year per the "Pierce County Comprehensive Plan" and does not allow for changes to be made during the year. The Comprehensive Plan is generally updated in November and generally becomes effective the following March. Use the "Cities in Pierce County" data set to determine current city boundaries. City boundaries can change more often than the current adopted Pierce County Zoning data. The zoning data contains the "Cities in Pierce County" boundaries at the time that the Pierce County Zoning was adopted. When determining the current zoning of a parcel near a city, the current "Cities in Pierce County" data set needs to be reviewed. Zoning codes for parcels within incorporated cities are determined by the city that the parcel is within. Please read metadata for additional information (https://matterhorn.co.pierce.wa.us/GISmetadata/pdbplan_zoning.html). Any data download constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use (https://matterhorn.co.pierce.wa.us/Disclaimer/PierceCountyGISDataTermsofUse.pdf).