Offenders Released from Iowa Prisons | Last Updated 12 Sep 2019

This dataset provides information on offenders released from Iowa prisons beginning in FY 2009. It includes the fiscal year of when an offender is released from prison, their age groups, sex, race - ethnicity, closure type, convicting offense with description and the number of months served.

Tags: months served, time served, prison, release

This dataset has the following 18 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Record IDrecord_idtextUnique ID for the record
Offender Numberoffender_numbertextUnique ID for the offender.
Release Daterelease_datecalendar_dateThe date the offender was released from prison.
Fiscal Year Releasedfiscal_year_releasedtextFiscal Years run from July 1 - June 30 and are named after the calendar year for which they end. For example, July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016 is considered Fiscal Year 2016. This data reflects the fiscal year the offender was released from prison.
Closure Typeclosure_typetextThe short reason why the offender left our institution
Supervision Statussupervision_statustextOffender's Supervision Status
Institution Nameinstitution_nametextThe last institution where the offender spent their time.
SexsextextOffender's sex.
Race & Ethnicityrace_ethnicitytextOffender's race and ethnicity.
Age at Releaseage_at_releasenumberAge of offender when released from the institution
Offense Codeoffense_codetextThe code found in the law book for the offense that had been convicted.
Offense Classificationoffense_classtextConviction maximum penalties: A Felony = Life; B Felony = 25 or 50 years; C Felony = 10 years; D Felony = 5 years; Aggravated Misdemeanor = 2 years; Serious Misdemeanor = 1 year; Simple Misdemeanor = 30 days
Offense Descriptionoffense_descriptiontextGeneral description of the conviction that was committed.
Offense Typeoffense_typetextGeneral category of the conviction that was committed.
Offense Subtypeoffense_subtypetextFurther classification of the convicted offense.
JurisdictionjurisdictiontextThe county in which the offender committed the offense
Admission Dateadmission_datecalendar_dateDate of when the Offender first came to our institution
Months Servedmonths_servednumberNumber of months the offender spent in prison as of the release date