CalCOFI Tows | Last Updated 12 Mar 2020

Location, performance, and summary information about individual net tows.

This dataset has the following 26 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
cruisecruisetextSix-digit cruise code (YYYYMM).
shipshiptextShip Name.
ship_codeship_codetextTwo-digit CalCOFI ship code.
order_occupiedorder_occupiednumberOrdinal number in which the station was sampled for the cruise and ship.
tow_typetow_typetextGear type. See CalCOFI Tow Types table.
net_typenet_typetextpe of gear used to sample -- manta, mocness_1m, mocness_10m, oblique (C1 and CB nets), or vertical (CV and PV nets).
tow_numbertow_numbernumberReplicate tow number for the station, net type, and location.
net_locationnet_locationtextPort or Starboard location of tow.
timetimecalendar_dateStart of tow.
standard_haul_factorstandard_haul_factornumberNumber used to standardize oblique tows to catch per 10 meters squared of sea surface. See Kramer and Smith and Richardson references on the infosheet url for details.
volume_sampledvolume_samplednumberVolume of water sampled by the net. (cubic meters)
percent_sortedpercent_sortednumberProportion of the sample jar that was sorted in the laboratory. (%/100)
mesh_sizemesh_sizenumberNet Mesh Size. (microns)
total_eggstotal_eggsnumberRaw count of total eggs captured.
sorted_plankton_volumesorted_plankton_volumenumberStandardized volume of plankton from the sample that was sorted in the laboratory. (ml/1000 m^3)
sample_qualitysample_qualitynumberQualitative estimate of net performance on a scale of 0 (worst) to 5.
small_plankton_volumesmall_plankton_volumenumberStandardized volume of plankton with individual displacement volumes less than 5 ml. (ml/1000 m^3 of water strained)
total_plankton_volumetotal_plankton_volumenumberStandardized volume of plankton in the sample. (ml/1000 m^3 of water strained)
total_larvaetotal_larvaenumberRaw count of fish larvae captured.
end_timeend_timecalendar_dateTow end time.
total_juveniles_or_adultstotal_juveniles_or_adultsnumberRaw count of juvenile or adult fish captured.
latitudelatitudenumberLatitude. (decimal degrees)
longitudelongitudenumberLongitude. (decimal degrees)
linelinenumberCalCOFI line number.
stationstationnumberCalCOFI Station Number.