City of Fort Collins Water Quality | Last Updated 27 Sep 2020

Water quality measurements for the City of Fort Collins.

Tags: water,utilities,utility,treated,quality

This dataset has the following 19 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DatedatetextObservation date
Poudre Inf Flow (%)poudre_inf_flownumberPercentage of Poudre Influent of Total Influent
Horsetooth Inf Flow (%)horsetooth_inf_flownumberPercentage of Horsetooth Influent of Total Influent
Washwater Return Inf Flow (%)washwater_return_inf_flownumberPercentage of Washwater Return (BW) of Total Influent
Poudre Temp (C)poudre_temp_cnumberAverage daily Poudre Raw Temperature 0:30 {C} using 15-Minute T331 observations
Poudre pHpoudre_phnumberAverage daily Poudre Raw pH 0:14 {pH} using 15-minute H331 observations
Poudre Turb (NTU)poudre_turb_ntunumberAverage daily Poudre Raw Turbidity 0:100 {NTU} using 15-minute N331 observations
Poudre DO (mg/l)poudre_do_mg_lnumberAverage daily Poudre Raw Dissolved Oxygen 0:20 {ppm} using 15-minute O331 observations
Horsetooth Temp (C)horsetooth_temp_cnumberAverage daily Horsetooth Temperature 0:30 {C} using 15-minute T381 observations
Horsetooth pHhorsetooth_phnumberAverage daily Horsetooth pH 0:14 {pH} using 15-minute H381 observations
Horsetooth Turb (NTU)horsetooth_turb_ntunumberAverage daily Horsetooth Turbidity 0:100 {NTU} using 15-minute N381 observations
Horsetooth DO (mg/L)horsetooth_do_mg_lnumberAverage daily Horsetooth Dissolved Oxygen 0:20 {ppm} using 15-minute O381 observations
Finished Water Temp (C)finished_water_temp_cnumberAverage daily Sample Station #1 Water Temperature 0:30 {C} using T701 observations
Finished Water pHfinished_water_phnumberAverage daily Sample Station #1 pH 0:14 {pH} using 15-minute H701 observations
Finished Water Turb (NTU)finished_water_turb_ntunumberAverage daily combined Filter Effluent Turbidity 0:2.5 {NTU} using 15-minute N703 observations
Finished Water Alk (mg/L)finished_water_alk_mg_lnumberAverage daily Sample Station #1 Alkalinity 0:60 {mg/L} using 15-minute A701 observations
Finished Water Cl2 Res (mg/L)finished_water_cl2_res_mgnumberAverage daily Sample Station #2 Chlorine Residual 0:1.5 {mg/L} using 15-minute R901 observations