2019 Fort Collins City Employee Earnings

opendata.fcgov.com | Last Updated 13 Apr 2020

Annual City employee earnings for calendar-year 2019. Earnings figures are those taxed by Medicare. This dataset cannot be directly combined with previous- or future- year earnings because it doesn't account for title changes or other job status changes. Further, the data represents paid amounts rather than stated salaries – i.e. if an employee worked March-December of a given year, the data reflects 10 months of compensation for the year.

Tags: 2019, employee earnings, earnings

This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Service Areaservice_areatext
Job Titlejob_titletext
meta_row_indexmeta_row_indexnumberMetadata field for a suggested sort order. Sort this column in ascending order to order the dataset the way it was intended from the source system.
meta_row_idmeta_row_idtextMetadata field for record hash. This field is a SHA-1 hash of all other fields in the record, used for validation of record uniqueness.